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You need to have the right gear before you can start fly fishing. You'll need a decent-quality fly fishing rod, a line, and flies. You can buy more accessories at a later date. It is also essential to have a landing net. There are many kinds, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

You'll also need a pair of waders or boots for cold water. Depending on your skill level and the type of fishing you want, you may also need a variety of flies, polarized sunglasses, a lucky hat, and line nippers. You'll also need a landing net and a tippet of different sizes.

The first thing you need for fly fishing is a line. Fly lines are usually 90 feet long and come in different weights and grain weights. The head of the line is the heaviest part of the line. It helps you turn over flies and the leader. The running line is shorter than the head, and the head should be wrapped around the rod to provide balance and make it easier to use.

You'll also need a pattern for a fly. Most fly patterns belong to one of two groups: dry flies or wet flies. Dry flies are smaller than wet flies and are made to float on the water's surface. They also act like different insects that live in rivers and ponds. If you're not sure what kind of fly to use, it's best to ask a fly fisher who has done it before. An expert can suggest a specific fly based on their experience and the type of fish.

The type of rod and reel you need will depend on the kind of fly you want to fish with. Since fly fishing gear is expensive, getting the right one is essential. There are a lot of brands and models to choose from, and their prices vary. The key is finding a good reel that fits the fishing you do. There are different weight classes of fly fishing rods. Beginners will want a fly fishing rod with a light to medium action. You'll need a fly fishing reel with more decisive action for bigger fish like salmon.

A fly line is another thing you'll need for fly fishing. A fluorocarbon or monofilament line connects your fly line to the leader. It's a good idea to buy a leader with a strength of around 6 pounds and a tapered shape. Tippet, an extra piece of fluorocarbon or monofilament line, is also needed. A leader for fly fishing should be at least three feet long and can be tapered or coiled.

Fly fishing can't be done without a fly line. It will help you throw your fly a long way. You should ensure your fly line has enough backing to handle the fish you catch. About 100 yards of backing can fit on a good fly fishing reel. If you are fishing on the west coast, you might want an enormous reel with more backing.

You can also add a fly fishing vest to your fly fishing gear. It will keep your fishing gear in place and make fishing easier. You'll also need polarized sunglasses to keep the glare from the water from hurting your eyes. You can keep your fly fishing gear in order with the vest.

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